The Groom Squad Composition.

The groom’s squad is a well balanced unit that works like a fine machinery. And just like every machinery has pivotal parts, here’s understanding the ones keeping the groom squad up and running!

The Responsible one.
He’s usually the one the family trusts, the Responsible is supposed to not only keep a lid on going overboard but also keep an eye on everything going smooth, which includes the groom not getting cold feet as well as making it to the ceremony in time.

The Eager one.
The self-assumed most eligible next-in-line, the Eager most certainly takes interest in rituals and ceremonies a little more than the groom himself. He’s also the one who’s indefinitely trying to chat up all the women hoping to make it all work out just fine.

The Reluctant one.
Every wedding has a bit of a cynical touch and the Reluctant brings in just that. He wants to be a part of his friend’s happiness but wants nothing to do with the marriage mumbo jumbo. The Reluctant is often the most hardworking of the squad.

The Crazy one.
When you say groom, the Crazy hears ‘shroom, and not the ones that your caterers would serve. It is his self-implied responsibility to get the groom absolutely wasted and get him to have the best time of his life during all the ceremonies, and the Crazy must not fail to deliver.

The Responsible may have a run in with the Crazy while the Reluctant sides with both of them from time to time since the Eager might still be busy chatting up someone. They all have the best interests at heart for the groom, no matter how diverse their best interests are from each other. That would be a different story altogether.

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