The Groom Squad Functions!

Being part of the groom squad is a proud affair and as they say, with great powers come great responsibilities. The groom’s prestige is clearly, and sometimes quite literally, upon your shoulders. Let’s briefly discuss a few things that every member of the groom squad must take care of.

1. The Stress Busters!

There aren’t many things you gotta do in the beginning stages of the wedding. All you gotta do is keep the groom calm. Don’t let him overthink or get stressed. There’s a good chance of him having second thoughts about it all and that isn’t the time you support him. Instead, remind him how wonderful it is to be getting married to the love of his life, or whatever works for him. Improvise accordingly.
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2. The Entrance Quotient!

Certainly one of the most important aspects for the groom is his entrance to the venue, considering there aren’t many. So however he may decide to make an entrance, it’s your job to set the perfect coordination amongst everyone and everything to help him make a lasting statement.
3. Elixir For Everyone!

Although sometimes frowned upon, deep within our hearts we know that no celebration is complete without a certain hint of our liquid love and everyone must get some. It is your responsibility that those who wish for it, get a drink. After all, it’s the perfect fuel to get those dull engines running! Although all eyes would be on the groom, now would be the perfect chance for your discreet smuggling skills to shine.
4. The Bollywood Touch!

Almost all weddings these days have dance sequences from both sides of the families and I hope you don’t believe in gender stereotyping because it’s as much your responsibility to dance your heart out to choreographed moves as anyone. Help the groom make a solid impression by supporting him literally step by step.
5. The Pickup Guys!

Some wedding rituals are fun and one such ritual asks of you along with others to pick the groom as high as possible. This one’s for his pride and prestige and he must not bow. Everything depends on your strong reliable shoulders.
These are just the ones that are visibly your most responsive functions. But then there are many more such things that you’d have to take care of on the go. Being part of the groom squad doesn’t mean all the fun in the world. The wedding depends on us and we’ll act just as well, shall we?

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