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The Wackiest Wedding Customs From Around The World!

In most of the societies and cultures around the world, wedding is a time of much bonhomie and merry making. While it is also an important step for the man and woman getting married, it is an equally joyous time for their relatives and friends. There is merry making, celebrations, singing, dancing and much more.

Did you know that all of these rituals originated from the thought of putting the bride and the groom at ease as they could be nervous about this all important step that they are taking in their life? These rituals, ceremonies and customs are all aimed at making memories together and bringing the families of the bride and groom together.

Apart from this, there are also the customs that appease the Gods and ward off evil spirits. As the society has advanced, these customs are still being followed as they have been passed on through many generations but some of them are really wacky in the today’s times.

Here are some of the most wackiest wedding customs from around the world that definitely had us surprised:

1) Sweden : Kissing the bride/groom

A really wacky custom of the Swedes, if you are an unmarried man or a woman attending the wedding, then you actually get a chance to kiss the bride/groom, depending on your gender. In Sweden, as per a custom, the bride/groom disappear for some time from their wedding ceremony and at this time, if you are an unmarried girl, then you can kiss the groom during this time and vice versa!

2) France : Drinking from the toilet bowl

As yucky as it may sound, this is a tradition wherein the bride and the groom have to drink the leftovers from the wedding from a toilet bowl. Over the years, the leftovers have been replaced by chocolate and champagne but the toilet bowl has stayed put. Apparently, this gives the couple strength before they spend their first night with each other.

3) India : Kumbh Vivah

India is a country that is steeped in tradition and takes astrology very seriously, especially for weddings. So, if a person is born with Manglik Dosh (a position when Mars and Saturn are under the 7th house), then he/she has to marry a plant or an earthen pot before marrying the prospective spouse. Strange…isn’t it?

4) Germany : Smashing the plates

Newlywed German couples are expected to smash porcelain plates with each other and later clean up the mess together. Traditionally, this is done to ward off evil spirits and the cleaning up act is a precursor to prepare the couple for what lies ahead in their marriage and the spirit of working together.

5) Kenya : Spitting on the bride

As per a custom of the Massai people in Kenya, in one of the wedding ceremony’s the head of the bride is shaved and pasted with lamb fat and oil. After this, her father is supposed to spit on her head and breasts as this is supposed to bring her good luck and fortune. At the time when she is leaving with her husband after the wedding, she cannot look back at her house or else she could be converted into stone as per the sayings.

6) China : Crying ritual

Tujias of China kickstart their wedding celebrations 30 days before the wedding by crying. The bride has to cry an hour every day until the wedding. After 10 days, her mother joins in and 10 days later, her grandmother and all the other women of the house join in. They cry everyday for an hour as it is supposed to an expression of extreme happiness. The sound produced with the crying is like music to the ears.

7) Scotland : The black bride

In some parts of Scotland, the bride to be is taken by surprise by her already dirty friends who pour all kinds of garbage over the bride to make her black. Tar, waste and rotten food, treacle, milk are some of the things that are poured over the bride to give her a crummy look. They say that doing this wards off the evil spirits and keeps the bride happily married.

While some of these traditions might look absurd and bizarre, it is the thought that really counts. As marriage is the most important relationship that one is likely to forge in his lifetime, all effort is done to keep the occasion happy, funny, lively and yet traditional.


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