Things To Do To Look Fit At Your Wedding Reception

Wedding is a milestone for everyone. After all, it is all about acceptance and being loved unconditionally. Your fiancé accepts you the way you are. You love her. She loves you back. It all works out perfectly well.

Since it is your wedding, it means you have to not only be at your best behaviour but also look your best. With so much happening before the D-Day shopping, frequent get togethers and giving in to mithai cravings you hardly have time to breathe, let alone hit the gym!

This makes you more vulnerable to piling up a few kilos just before the functions. It’s not necessary that you become fit for your wedding, but it would surely look great to show off your lean, toned body instead of wearing loose ones to hide the flab.

To make your task easier, we have a few do’s and don’ts for you to fit into that suit of yours at the reception and be the cynosure of everyone’s eyes.

1. Do a smart workout

The worst part is not knowing where to start working out. It is okay. It happens with every newbie and hence, you are no exception. Do whatever you have to do. Wake up early in the morning and set 1 hour aside for yourself.

Set multiple alarms, if need be. Ask your mom to pour cold water over you or training your dog to sit on your face – LOL. Basically, do anything that might work in your favour. Just get out of that warm bed and hitting the gym or going for a run will be a lot easier.


2. Set achievable goals

Start off with a warm up session to. 20 minutes of cardio exercises such as running, walking, jogging, cycling, skipping, etc. at least 3 times a week is enough. Do not try to push yourself immediately and DO NOT expect quick results as well. Give yourself  a timeline of 3 months to get back in shape.

3. Record your progress

Note down all the measurements on Day 1: chest, waist, hip, thighs and forearms to begin with, apart from just noting down the weight. Do this every week or 10 days. If you do not want to keep looking at the numbers, take a picture of yourself every week. Do not expect a decrease in the weight, but note down the improvement in stamina and endurance.

4. Be consistent: Getting fit doesn’t have any shortcuts unfortunately and you need to push yourself to workout constantly without giving yourself a day off.


5. Try varied exercises: Whenever your body undergoes the same set of exercises, it might stop responding after a while. Hence, it’s important for you to try variations. Do crunches, push ups, bicep curls, squats, burpees and bench presses.

Start with easy exercises and work your way up towards the difficult ones. Mind you – all these exercises can be done at home! So you don’t have to splurge money on expensive gym memberships.

6. Tell people about your goals: This helps in a huge way if you are on the verge of giving up, or are about to pounce on the chocolate pastry that has been sitting in the refrigerator, waiting for your attention! They’ll remind you of your goals and make sure you meet them – no matter what!

7. Drink water: The more water you drink, the more toxins you will release. In addition to this, sipping water constantly will also help you keep away from over-snacking. So keep a small water bottle with you at all times. Even if you reach eight glasses every day, it is good enough!

8. Stay true to yourself: You started exercising for yourself and no one else! So stay committed to your cause. And you shall look like the knight in shining armour that your fiancé always wanted to find in you.


Looking leaner and meaner at your wedding functions is tough task. But it is not impossible. So go ahead, carve out a diet plan that is suitable for you and pick up a few exercises you will definitely enjoy. After all, it is all about you!

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