Things You Need For A Great Relationship (Except Love)

Love is a magical feeling. Love is everything. And when you fall in love, it is hard to describe the exact thoughts and emotions behind it. Everything is a blur. Everything makes you warm and fuzzy. Basically, love gives positive vibes.

The first few days of being in love are the best actually! You feel light-headed, you smile so much that your cheeks start to hurt, you feel butterflies in your stomach and the eagerness of staying together is always on your mind.

But once the honeymoon bubble bursts, the love glow and rosiness on the face start dissolving, and that is when the true depth of a relationship is tested. Love is one of the most integral aspects of a relationship – as it keeps two people together for a reason.

But what else do you need to sustain a relationship? We are quite sure that there are other ingredients responsible for a healthy and fantastic companionship. This is the reason why we have decided to list down a few of them below.


Have a look:

1. An open and honest communication

This tops the list of things needed to keep a relationship going. This is the only way through which you can understand your partner better and grow together as a couple. Their opinions might not always be aligned to yours, but a genuine conversation is the best thing you can have to keep things real between the two of you.

Take a trip together, speak on the phone as much as you can and just try to stay in touch to ensure the “transparency” that is required to have a fabulous relationship.

2. Take responsibility of your mistakes

We are human beings. And we are bound to make mistakes. But what makes us brave and different from others is our ability to own up to our faults. You don’t even have an idea about how much your partner will grow to respect you for this specific quality of yours. But this doesn’t mean you go on a “mistake-making spree”! Your partner might always forgive you – especially if you screw it up big time!!


3. Willingness to work through rough patches

The true mettle of a person in a relationship comes out when the couple faces the brickbats, and not roses. When you realize that the relationship is on an all-time low, you should be the one to dust off yourself and get your back into pushing it up the hill again. You have to take initiatives to make it work. Your relationship won’t work on its own.

4. Sense of humour: We all get sucked in our daily routines and can be constantly in a bad mood. This definitely affects relationships. A quirky line here, a horrible joke there and you can bring that elusive smile out on your partner’s lips. (S)He would appreciate that much needed dose of laughter too, especially when the days or weeks have been too stressful!

5. Mutual respect: This is so important – in every relationship, at every stage. You can’t and must not look down upon your partner. You need to pull him or her up to your level. Also, it is of utmost importance to never keep your respect and dignity at the back seat for the sake of your partner’s happiness. A true relationship is one wherein partners respect for each other.


6. Give compliments to each other: If there’s one thing that could derail the entire relationship is the inability to understand and respect the power that a simple compliment holds. “You look beautiful in that dress!”, “You look great in that jeans?”, “You are a fabulous cook!

My heart is yours, but so is my stomach!”. Such simple lines go a long long way in bringing the zing back into a relationship. You need to let your partner feel that they’re very special to you.


Relationships are simple. A kiss here, a hug there, a sorry note, a quick compliment – that’s all what is needed to make your partner yours forever and truly.

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