What’s a bride without her bridesmaids? Bridesmaids are a bride’s army; an essential for the bride to battle insanity, no matter however weird they may be. Yes, bridesmaids have types, these being the most evident.

  1. The Obsessed Bridesmaid

This bridesmaid tails the bride as if she’s being paid to do so. She loves to take on responsibility even when she’s not asked to do so. You’ll see her in every picture, standing right next to the bride.




  1. The Kinky Bridesmaid

The bridesmaid who’s most loved for her inappropriate gestures and games at the bachelorette party. Her mind is beautifully dirty and she’s always ready to spice things up.




  1. The Super Shy Bridesmaid

Ah yes, there’s always that one bridesmaid who gets extremely awkward with the much-loved perverted games organized by the other super kinky bridesmaid. It takes this one less than a second to start blushing mid-conversation.




  1. The Almost-Wedding Planner

This one is so organized that she is more thorough with the bride’s honeymoon itinerary than the bride herself. She’ll never be caught drunk or loosening up even for a second because she knows that she is the one keeping it all together.





  1. Drunk At Every Function

The cutest bridesmaid of the lot is the one who’s so happy about the wedding that she’s drunk at every function. This one’s enthusiasm NEVER dies. Of course, it’s a different case if she’s gone into depression seeing everyone around her getting hitched.




  1. More Bridezilla Than The Bride

And how could we forget the bridesmaid who behaves more like the bride than the bride herself. This one doesn’t worry about going overboard. She’s so excited that she has all her outfits planned out the day she gets the slightest hint about the wedding.




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