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Unrolling The**Secret** To The Best Bridal Look Ever.

So yeah! It’s the biggest day of your life – There’s no doubt about it. You ought to look your best – we agree. Other than the regular facial, waxing, manicure and pedicure, what all beauty treatments you must go for to look like a million dollar bride – Check them out.

  1. Eyelash Extensions

You can get them few weeks before the wedding and get a touch up done few days prior. You may also go for the regular extensions which your makeup artist may fix while doing your make-up but they don’t last more than few hours or so, longer lasting ones are better in comparison to the regular ones which are only done by the professionals.


  1. Nail Extensions

If you aren’t a long-nails lover or don’t have great nails like mine, nail extensions have got you covered. Now you don’t have to worry about shaping, filing and polishing your nails in months advance – Just dash to the nearest parlour few days before you wedding.

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  1. Teeth Whitening

Make that pretty smile look prettier on your big day. All the cameras and eyes are going to be on you so, that smile ought to look perfect. Visit the dentist at least a week prior to the wedding so that any possibility of sensitivity post treatment will be taken care of well.

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  1. Pamper Your Locks

Your hair is your prized possession yet they suffer a lot – terrible sunrays, heat of the rods, chemicals and what not. You need to pay extra attention to them in order to achieve a perfect look not just on your wedding but before and after the wedding functions. Hair spa, shampooing and conditioning, hair masking etc. are your lovely locks’ well wishers.


  1. High On Highlights

It’s completely a personal choice to get your hair streaked, but there is no denying from the fact that highlights add a much needed spark to your hair style. Especially if your mehendi function is gonna be big and you have decided upon a braided look (which is every bride’s favourite these days) highlights do magic.


  1. Exfoliate for good!

Who doesn’t like that extra smooth skin? If you’re gonna feel good on the outside, thet feel-good factor kicks in from the inside by default. Pay the beauty professional a visit and go through the procedure as they suggest and you will feel the change on your skin  instantly after it’s done. It wipes off the dead skin and opens the pores that help your skin breath better and look better.

  1. Body Massages

Massages aren’t a new thing in the market. It is ages old tradition that has been followed over the centuries for a healthy living. Body massages improve blood flow, detoxify, tighten up the skin and improve moisture levels. This is something you must get done on regular basis for your body to love you back.

  1. Laser Hair Removal

Well again, this is a personal choice to get under laser for those unwanted hair to go away. If you are okay with monthly waxing regime of yours, all cool then. But laser is worth trying, trust us. The treatment should start at least 10-8 months prior to the wedding as it’s a long procedure divided into 5-8 sittings. Always consult and enquire well before going in for a laser treatment.


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