Ways To Make Sure Your Guests Are More Comfortable During Their Stay

One of the most important aspects of an Indian wedding is keeping the guests happy and satisfied with the arrangements and by following numerous traditions properly. We are sure there are many young couples who might not agree with this and that is okay because “to each, their own”.

Everyone knows that Indians are known for their hospitality. So how can they be left behind when it comes to showing off their best behaviour at a wedding! Managing such a huge event is a herculean task and with guests to look after – the importance of the event gets amplified manifold.

The point is youngsters today seldom give importance to their relatives. And it may sound “cool” to you but it is not exactly a smart thing to do. No matter how well your parents have raised, such an attitude only shows you are arrogant and haughty. So don’t be that person – at least not during the wedding festivities.

So let us go back to the basics…

So you went down on one knee and proposed the girl of your dreams and she said “yes”! The dates are finalized for you both to tie the knot. All preparations are in full swing and the first thing you started working on is the invitee list.

But should you do to make sure those guests leave the wedding with a smile on their faces? Let us help you with that:

1. Your invitation card should be impressive

If you want to create a good impression, then make sure you sent them the card in the most personalized manner! If the guest is a close relative or a good friend, make sure you send them a handwritten note along with the card. Personalize the content.

Address them with their names. These small efforts show that their presence means a lot to you. Moreover, don’t forget to send each one the invitees a small box of sweets – it is considered auspicious too!


2. Accommodation matters

Talk to them about their preferences for stay. An elderly uncle or aunt might have a knee problem and hence, have trouble climbing up the stairs. Take into consideration such little health issues. Arrange for a room that is on the ground floor.

If you don’t want to embarrass them by asking such questions, talk to your parents or siblings if this is a good idea. A smile of relief when they see that their inhibitions have been taken care of is worth it!

3. Receive them when they arrive

No one expects the bride or groom to receive them at the gate these days. Don’t be that person. Surprise them by doing it. Receive them at the gate with a warm smile and a hug. They won’t forget it. The elder ones will give extra blessings and the younger ones will make sure that your wedding is remembered for a lifetime!

4. Indulge them, don’t ignore them

We understand weddings can become a nightmare as there are a zillion things to do for the bride and groom. But take out time to go and talk to the elders, cousins, and the youngsters. Ask them about the new house they have shifted to.

Ask the youngsters about something they posted on social media a month ago. The great food you serve gets digested at the end of the day. But personal interaction goes a long way in helping your guests remember your wedding for a long time.


5. Take them out

Though this is totally depends on your schedule, make sure your guests feel important. Take all your relatives out before the wedding. It could be as simple as a picnic or a new movie that is running in theatres. This could be a great way to break ice especially with those who haven’t been in regular touch.

Make your wedding an unforgettable experience not just for you and your family, but for your guests too! Go be that cool bride or groom every parent would want their child to become. Be respectful towards your guests. It is your wedding and you have to make sure everyone remembers it for years to come!

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