Wedding Cakes That Literally Take The “Cake”

A wedding cake is so more than a sugary and tasty treat for the guests. It can be a standalone design or a show-stopper just like in an art gallery – if you want it to be. Believe it or not, long gone are those days when to-be-married couples would opt for a simple 3-tier vanilla cake with frosting.

Today, the trends have changed, tables have turned. Baking is seen as a creative profession. Couples are well read and well traveled and they don’t want to (and should not) settle for anything less!

This is why, now it is more about turning the heads (and also being the talking point for years to come) with the most unconventionally designed wedding cake! And it is not just the design – it is also about the flavour and texture.

Fortunately, bakers are more imaginative and creative nowadays. They also have access to the right resources which is why they are able to create delicious fluffy masterpieces!

Keeping that thought in mind, here are 9 wedding cakes that not only nourished the soul during wedding functions but also effortlessly stole the show for their fancy and innovative designs.

1. Rose Ombre

This is an 11-tier cake! Can you believe this? This wedding cake starts at the bottom from the darkest shade of crimson rose and reaches the top only after it becomes vanilla white. This sugary creation blends tradition with the happy hues of pinks and whites oh-so perfectly!

Rose Ombre Wedding Cake by Rosalind Miller Cakes London

2. Metallic Brightness

Who doesn’t love the purity of spring flowers? Everything is so perfect about them – colours, types, fragrance, etc. And if you decorate a rich gold and white hard frosted vanilla cake with those flowers – what you get is nothing less than a visual delight!

Ana Parzych

Baked by Ana Parzych

3. Intricately Desi

The baker must have spent hours to make the leafy, henna-like designs on the cake! What absolutely stands out here are the two elephants in metallic gold. We also appreciate the colours used in the cake – maroon and indigo blue.

Binita Patel Photography

4. Whimsically Royal

This is a fun, happy and brightly decorated wedding cake. Be it the use of the gorgeous pink and sky blue or subtle orange and teal – the baker has not hesitated to experiment with the colours. The detailing in this cake is so intricate, that every part of this fluffy confectionery item comes alive!

Cakes By Robin

Cakes by Robin

5. Bouquet Brilliance

This wedding cake is perfect for couples who don’t mind going overboard with flowers. Just look at the vase-like glass container at the bottom. It is full of flowers! The cake is covered with a coat of shimmering gold. Imagine the kind of aroma the entire cake-y structure must be emanating. Hmm…tasty!


By Kristem Weaver Photography

6. Chocolate Culture

If you love chocolate – go with it. The flavour never disappoints! Bake a 5-tier rich chocolate wedding cake. Make it wear a string of red flowers. Just look at the photo below. It is gorgeous, isn’t it? So simple, so delicious. This wedding cake absolutely soothes the heart!


By Philip Ficks

7. Lego Love

The combination of purple and yellow can never go wrong. One of them is gaudy, the other is too bright. If you mix them both, you get an artistic combination which is hard to miss! But what we really love is not the lovely patterns in yellow or the beautiful flowers. We love the use of legos – as man and wife! That really adds a playful touch to this baker’s delight!


8. Sparkly Good

Small and (definitely) sweet – this wedding cake is rich not only in terms of its flavour but also the design which looks nothing less than a jewellery box! The beautiful pearls and diamonds piece adds character to the otherwise dull coloured cake – not that we minded it otherwise!

9. Geometrically Lavender

If circular cakes are not your cup of tea, then this square-shaped fondant sweet treasure should make you happy. We really like the hand-painted pattern on this 2-tier cake. The use of white chocolate sugar flowers make the wedding cake look really beautiful. What do you think?

So, are you ready to dazzle your guests? We are sure the answer is a “yes”. Which one would you go for and why? Have any new suggestions? Share them with us!

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