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What Kinda Bride You Gonna Make- According To Your Zodiac

“How my wedding’s gonna be?” “What kinda bride am I gonna make?”  are some of the questions that keep popping in our head but never get answered. So today, we thought of clearing some air for you guys (If not smog).


Aries- Generous Bride

You are going to be a generous bride, splurging on everything with an open heart not only on yourself but also on everybody you care about. You are gonna spend more and more of your time with your mains and keep the undesirables at bay as the wedding day approaches. You might get irritated of small glitches and mishaps, as you take everything on to yourself, from décor to catering or be it the sangeet choreography.


Taurus – Badass Bride

A Taurian bride will make sure that everything on her to-do-list is done as she wants it to be done. She is never intimidated by anyone hence makes a badass bride for all to see. You’re an independent women who’s gonna decide for herself, taking no nonsense from anyone.


Gemini – Happy Feet

You just can’t sit at one place. You are an explorer and believe in participating in each and every activity happening around. You are gonna enjoy your wedding to the fullest maybe end up dancing at your own wedding(Super cool, we believe). Your always ready for a party and make even the lowest of the day a gala time for everyone around.

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Cancer – Bundle of Emotions

Cancerians love their moms the most and to leave her to go to someone and some place new, away from her would be the Olympus task for you. You guys develop attachments very easily and to part ways with even the smallest of things you own brings tears to your eyes. Saying goodbyes isn’t easy for you. You’ll find it difficult to express how you feeling but those teary eyes would say it all.


Leo – Queen (One word is enough)

Oh leo, leo, leo! You’re the best, you’re gonna be the star at your wedding, stealing the show – that’s all you wanna be at your wedding and you make sure that it’s the case, no matter what. Probably, ‘Aaj mai ooper, aasma neeche’ would be your entry song or maybe “Yahan bhi hoga wahan bhi hoga, mera hi jalwa”.  But yes! You’ll make one helluva bride.


Virgo – A Loving Bride

You won’t mind sharing space with your loved once. You’ll be engulfed in the awe of your man more than he’ll be in yours. You love spreading love and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing at your wedding, politely greeting and meeting everyone. You’re gonna wear that breathtaking smile of yours throughout the wedding.

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Libra­ – A Happy Bride

A Libra bride is a synonym to happy bride. You’ll be laughing and cracking jokes at your own wedding. You only want people around you to be happy on your big day. You aren’t going to spend lavishly on your wedding rather you’ll be very calculative.  You’re gonna be everybody’s favourite bride.


Scorpio – No Nonsense Bride

You won’t be a crowd pleasing bride, your wedding will be all about you and your preferences. You don’t depend on people for the work to be done and no detail leaves your observant eye anyway, you don’t play damsel in distress. You’re the meticulous bride who likes to keep it all calm no matter how turbulent your mind is. Being the epitome of grace, you prefer to keep the exterior perfect while making it all look like a fairytale.


Sagittarius – Free Spirited Bride

A Sagittarian bride would make a witty yet innocent bride. You’ll be deluged with all the attention and showering of gifts which would be you favourite part about your wedding.  You are gonna be a fun bride who makes sure that it’s a day to be remembered by all and I stress on ‘by all’.


Capricorn – Lovable Bride

You’ll be a very lovable and a loving bride. You’ll not only be interested in putting together your bridal ensemble and trousseau but also be looking after your family’s looks and everything around. You’ll be looking for happiness in small rituals and family get-togethers.


Aquarius – Bindass Bride

You like to mix things up, you won’t settle for anything all traditional or anything all contemporary. You’d want the best of both the worlds. You’ll be a chilled out and quirky bride with all your friends and mains around.


Pisces – Unpredictable Bride

You’re gonna be a surprise *BOMB* at your wedding. You’ll be donning a completely different avtar at your wedding than expected from you. You’ll surprise not only the guests but your man too. But you’ll be a confident bride, pulling off the look like a pro.


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